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Exchange rate for single payments

On 24th October the Rural Payments Agency announced the values of entitlements for the three English regions under the 2012 Single Payment Scheme:

•€323.91 for non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged Areas)
•€260.29 for upland SDA, other than moorland
•€45.47 for upland SDA moorland

This is the first year that all entitlements within each English region have the same value. The conversion rate to apply is €1 = £0.79805 (based on the value of the Euro as at 28 September 2012).

RPA has announced that claimants can now follow the progress of their SPS claim using its SPS Online ‘Track Claims’ service, which is available to all claimants regardless of the means by which they submitted their application. The RPA will begin making payments as soon as the payment window opens in December.

RPA will start to make SPS 2012 Entitlements Statements available to view on SPS Online from December 2012. These statements will confirm the number and value of each farmer’s SPS 2012 entitlements. Farmers and agents will be able to print any of their statements from SPS Online.

Paper copies of the Entitlements Statements will be sent out in January 2013, but only to those farmers or agents who applied on paper forms for 2012.

RPA advises farmers and growers to check their 2012 Entitlements Statement and notify RPA in writing as soon as possible if they believe the information shown on the statement is incorrect.