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Rural development and renewable energy

The Scottish Rural Development programme (SRDP 2007 - 13):

The SRDP is a programme of economic, environmental and social measures, utilising some €680m of European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development funding plus Scottish Government match funding.

Measures are delivered through:
Crofting Counties Agricultural Grant Scheme
Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Grant Scheme
Forestry Commission Challenge Funds
The LEADER initiative
Less Favoured Area Support Scheme
Rural Development Contracts, and
Skills Development Scheme

Individuals and groups may seek support to help deliver the Government's strategic objectives in rural Scotland.

The Scotland Rural Development Programme 2007-13 includes measures to address economic and social goals as well as environmental measures.

Rural Development Contracts Land Managers Options (LMO) were introduced under the 2007-13 Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP).

The aims of the SRDP are to increase competitiveness in agriculture and forestry, improve the environment and the countryside and enhance the quality of life in rural areas. LMOs provide support for the provision of economic, social and environmental improvements across Scotland.

For 2012, the deadline for submitting applications was 15 May.

Land managers can apply for funding for a range of options under LMO up to a maximum allowance for the business. Some options require a five year commitment and compliance with Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions and Statutory Management Requirements. Others are paid for one year only (although commitments may be longer in some cases).

LMOs are non competitive and open to all land managers with land in Scotland which are registered with the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and have a Business Reference Number (BRN).