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KLM introduces first weekly transatlantic flight to use sustainable biofuels

Dutch airline KLM has announced that one of its weekly flights from New York to Amsterdam will now use a sustainable biofuel made from recycled cooking oil.

Flight KL642 flight from John F. Kennedy Airport to Schiphol made its first flight on biofuel in March '13, and KLM has confirmed the weekly flight will now continue to use biofuel, currently supplied by Sky Energy (SkyNRG).

Dutch Minister of Ecomomic Affairs, Henk Kamp, said the project is evidence of KLM's position as a "frontrunner in making air transportation more sustainable". KLM's managing director, Camiel Eurlings, said the project is part of a wide-ranging initiative to deliver further carbon emissions reductions.

KLM has started marketing its new biofuel flights to corporate customers, allowing them to fly using sustainable biofuel for a proportion of their flights, effectively cutting their own reported emissions.

Other airlines, such as Delta, BA and Virgin Atlantic are all investing heavily in a wide range of projects to develop jet biofuels made from waste or algae. Researchers are confident that algae-based biofuels in particular could one day deliver large quantities of low carbon fuel.

The research comes as EU considers proposals to place a levy on airlines' carbon emissions.


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