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Would an independent Scotland automatically remain part of the EU?

Joahn Lamont, Scottish Conservative leader, said that Scotland, like Catalonia, would have to apply for EU membership following a Yes vote in the 2014 independence referendum. This view had been comnfirmed by the UK Advocate General, she said.

What would be the consequences for the £ / €elationship; for Nato and the contentious position on nuclear armaments on the Clyde, and for the Schengen agreement on border controls.

Willie Rennie, Scottish Lib Dem leader, asked whether Scotland will have to apply to join the Euro as a condition of membership, and suggested that compliance with the stability pact would mean the Scottish budget would have to be cut by £5 billion pa to fit within the 3% ceiling. To what extent would Scotland still benefit from the UK rebate if / when membership were agreed.

Of course, the neatest solution would be for the Scottish Independence referendum and the UK referendum on EU membership, which seems inevitable, to coincide.

Subject to a majority of Scots voting for continued EU membership, and assuming that a majority in the rest of UK, based on current polls, would vote against continued membership, it should be possible to secure agreement that Scotland rather than 'rump UK' would be the successor to UK as an EU member state.

Then Scotland would not have to join the Euro (subject to agreement with the Bank of england to keep the pound) and might not have to introduce border controls with England.